Friday, 21 October 2011

Bandung Games kembali ( BG murahan?)

ive come across to dis group on FB n its called road to bandung games. so the paniatia hv posted dis poster as one of their promotional campaign n one of the comment stated that dis poster look kinnda cheap@ murahan. i wuz offended by that particular comment bcoz i waz one of the panitia for bandung games.. soooooo wat~~ if the poster look kinnda cheap. the panitias was giving all their best n we’re not professional in doin dis thing. moreover, ktrg was not given any incentive for BG.

jadi..if u like to comment, do it ur self…..or next time just do it in JAKARTA or any other place in Indonesia….n u will know how hard it is to organise dis Games

eat ur heart oUt b*tch~~~~ adios..